Seeping Into Cinemas is the solo musical project of a human from Dublin called Barry.

Seeping Into Cinemas put some songs out on the Internet, played some gigs, and in 2011 released an LP called 100,000 Times through Le Cheap Équipe Records. The official blurb for this record was “100,000 Times is a melodic and haunting homage to a world full of broken hearted misanthropes and sad souls who dream of escape”. Some people described it differently, with The Irish Times calling it a “a quiet triumph”, and other people and publications saying other nice things about it. Seeping into Cinemas also contributed to the Record Store Gay compilations in 2012 and 2013.

New music is in progress, albeit slowly. Those same sad souls and broken hearted misanthropes who had homage paid to them on the first LP are keeping their fingers crossed that they’ll get a look in on the next one. They also wish Barry would hurry up and finish it…