I’m off to Galway tomorrow (Thursday!) for a gig in The Roisin Dubh, somewhere I haven’t played in ages, and somewhere I’ve never played as Seeping Into Cinemas. It’s a solo set from me, I’ll be kicking off the evening around 8ish, and it’s free in. After me it’s Thread Pulls and Twinkranes so if I bore you to tears those guys can make you dance the pain away!
On my trip to Galway I’ll be popping in to Wing Nut Records to deliver some CD copies of 100,000 Times.
Here’s the aforementioned album in digital form 🙂

So, the album is now officially out! You can get it in Tower Records Dublin, The R.A.G.E. Dublin on Fade St, and hopefully some more shops soon. Overseas folks can order the CD from Bandcamp, and you can get is a download there too if that’s your preferred method. It’s also available on iTunes and the other usual digital retailers.

If you were at the launch gig in Odessa on Thursday, thanks a million for coming. Me and the guys had a great time, and it was lovely to have Deaf Joe and Sacred Animals playing.
Next gig is in The Black Box in Belfast (solo), this Thursday June 23rd.

A confusing moment at practice…. It will be alright on the night though! The night being the “100,000 Times” launch gig happening on June 16th at Odessa, Dame Court, Dublin 2. Sacred Animals and Deaf Joe also on the bill.

Free song!

So here it is folks, a pure unadulterated free download; no tweets or sign ups required. I hope you like the song, and if you do I’d be very grateful if you shared it with your Facebook friends and your Twitter followers… But that’s up to you!