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Here’s a new instrumental (well there’s some subtle vocals here and there, but I’m calling it an instrumental), and a new look to the site. And also a name change/abbreviation/nod to the influence of Latin on English to (sic). That was always kind of there but now it’s going to be the actual name of this slow moving musical venture. Brackets and all. And what’s the hurry? (sic)

The new tune is free to download/pay what you want via Bandcamp , so have at it.


A Christmas cover

It’s been a while…. I still play music, just not very publicly. 

Only You, originally released in 1982 by Yazoo, but forever made Christmassy in 1983 when The Flying Pickets version was Christmas number 1, is one of my favourite seasonal hits. 

I started recording my version last December, but Christmas and life got in the way of me finishing it, and I didn’t have the inclination to record Christmassy things once last Christmas was over. Who does?!

So, when this December came around I thought I better finish it. A more traditional seasonal tune makes a cameo in the outro! 

Thanks for stopping by and for listening, 

PS- it’s looking decidedly 2011 around here, I must revamp this site. And of course post more music. 

Cover of “You Spin Me Round (like a record)” for Record Store Gay.

Here is my version of Dead Or Alive’s You Spin Me Round (like a record). It’s being released as part of this years Record Store Gay compilation. A limited run of CDs will be for sale in record shops in Dublin on Record Store Day (April 20th), and at the Record Store Gay event in Outhouse.

Each song on the compilation is also being released as a limited edition melody pop single, just like last year. The melody pops will contain download codes for each acts chosen cover, and a bonus song. My bonus song is Chipped Teeth. 

Last years Record Store Gay was great, and this year is shaping up to be even bigger and better. Well done to Andy from  I ♡ The Monster Hero for organising it all!

Here’s the full compilation. Lots of great covers on it, I’m particularly enjoying Jolene by The Holy Sparks!!!

100,000 Times is one year old.

100,000 Times, my debut album, was released a year ago today! As a celebration of sorts, I’ve reduced the price on Bandcamp – only €2 for the download, or €5 for the CD. I’ll keep the prices that way for the next week or so, as I prefer birth-weeks to birthdays. Why have one day of fun when you can have seven?

Gig, June 29th

I’ll be playing on June 29th in the upstairs part of Whelans on Wexford St, Dublin town. The occasion is Twin Terrace‘s album launch, and I’ve coerced a couple of buddies to join me, so we’ll be playing as a three piece on the night; guitar/vocals, drums and keys. That’s a lineup we’ve never tried out live before, so expect a slightly different take on things! 

Seeping Into Television

Shoot Out is going to be featured in an episode of a new TV show called The Importance Of Being Whatever. It’s a serialised modern version of the Oscar Wilde play The Iportance Of Being Earnest, and it follows the life of Dublin teenager Tobi Okocha and the various trials and tribulations he finds himself in.
There’s 30 episodes altogether, each one being 3 minutes long and there’ll be lots of good music featured, which you can read about on the shows blog The blog is written from the perspective of Cocobeans, one of the shows characters. I think that’s a great touch, I like when the lines between reality and fiction get blurred.
Shoot Out will be in episode 5, which airs on Wednesday November 2nd at 6.30pm on RTE 2. Exciting stuff, I don’t what kind of scene it’s going to be in so I’m curious to see!
Here’s episode 1: