100,000 Times is one year old.

100,000 Times, my debut album, was released a year ago today! As a celebration of sorts, I’ve reduced the price on Bandcamp – only €2 for the download, or €5 for the CD. I’ll keep the prices that way for the next week or so, as I prefer birth-weeks to birthdays. Why have one day of fun when you can have seven?

Gig, June 29th

I’ll be playing on June 29th in the upstairs part of Whelans on Wexford St, Dublin town. The occasion is Twin Terrace‘s album launch, and I’ve coerced a couple of buddies to join me, so we’ll be playing as a three piece on the night; guitar/vocals, drums and keys. That’s a lineup we’ve never tried out live before, so expect a slightly different take on things! 

Record Store Gay.

I’m releasing a cover of the Bananarama song Robert De Niro’s Waiting on April 21st, for Record Store Gay, which is  also the on the same day as Record Store Day. Record Store Gay is a benefit event and release for Outhouse, a community and resource centre for LGBT people, their families and friends.

Record Store Gay will feature a host of Dublin bands and music types doing covers of gay anthems, and there’ll be a gig on the day (first gig of 2012 for me!) taking place at Outhouse. Each band is releasing a single, which will come on a soon to be revealed novelty format, and feature their cover and an original b side. My b side is a new song called Blackest Mirror.

The singles will be available at the gig in Outhouse and also at record stores around Dublin during Record Store Gay/Day!


So this is the often talked about, but only recently experienced 2012. It certainly looks very futuristic when you type or write it, and whatever it holds, I hope it will be a good year for everyone.

2011 saw me release my first album, 100,000 Times, it was something I had worked towards for quite a while so it was great to finally get it out and to play it live. Playing the album as a full band was a brilliant experience, so big thanks to Gareth, Niall, Shane, Andy and Ed for their time and effort in making full band gigs a reality.

It was lovely, and also flattering, to be featured in a couple of “end of year lists”. Tony Clayton Lea of The Irish Times listed Seeping Into Cinemas in his top five Irish artists of 2011, and Handsome Young Stranger featured 100,000 Times as a recommended Irish release of last year. High praise indeed, for which I’m truly grateful!

I had lost all perspective on the album by the time it was released, and I had no idea how it would be received, or if it even would make it on to anyone’s radar, or their music collection. So to the music buying folks who have kindly purchased my stuff, the gig goers, and the writers of kind words, a huge thank you for supporting my music making endeavors throughout 2011.

My main musical plans for 2012 are to write and begin recording a new album, but I intend to continue to play live from time to time. I’m also planning another video for one of the songs off 100,000 Times, more on that in the not too distant future.

Until then, thanks for reading and of course listening and watching!
Happy 2012,


Seeping Into Television

Shoot Out is going to be featured in an episode of a new TV show called The Importance Of Being Whatever. It’s a serialised modern version of the Oscar Wilde play The Iportance Of Being Earnest, and it follows the life of Dublin teenager Tobi Okocha and the various trials and tribulations he finds himself in.
There’s 30 episodes altogether, each one being 3 minutes long and there’ll be lots of good music featured, which you can read about on the shows blog www.cocobeans.ie. The blog is written from the perspective of Cocobeans, one of the shows characters. I think that’s a great touch, I like when the lines between reality and fiction get blurred.
Shoot Out will be in episode 5, which airs on Wednesday November 2nd at 6.30pm on RTE 2. Exciting stuff, I don’t what kind of scene it’s going to be in so I’m curious to see!
Here’s episode 1: