Cover of “You Spin Me Round (like a record)” for Record Store Gay.

Here is my version of Dead Or Alive’s You Spin Me Round (like a record). It’s being released as part of this years Record Store Gay compilation. A limited run of CDs will be for sale in record shops in Dublin on Record Store Day (April 20th), and at the Record Store Gay event in Outhouse.

Each song on the compilation is also being released as a limited edition melody pop single, just like last year. The melody pops will contain download codes for each acts chosen cover, and a bonus song. My bonus song is Chipped Teeth. 

Last years Record Store Gay was great, and this year is shaping up to be even bigger and better. Well done to Andy from  I ♡ The Monster Hero for organising it all!

Here’s the full compilation. Lots of great covers on it, I’m particularly enjoying Jolene by The Holy Sparks!!!

Record Store Gay 2

Record Store Gay is happening again this year, and I’m delighted to be involved. I recorded a version of Dead Or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)”, and I had a fine time doing it. I’ll post it when it’s back from getting mastered and when the RSG team give me the green light to do so! In the meantime, here are some photos from recording and mixing that particular song. I’m quite fond of taking photos of instruments and recording gear. Yes, I’m a nerd.



My assistant.

Record Store Gay.

I’m releasing a cover of the Bananarama song Robert De Niro’s Waiting on April 21st, for Record Store Gay, which is  also the on the same day as Record Store Day. Record Store Gay is a benefit event and release for Outhouse, a community and resource centre for LGBT people, their families and friends.

Record Store Gay will feature a host of Dublin bands and music types doing covers of gay anthems, and there’ll be a gig on the day (first gig of 2012 for me!) taking place at Outhouse. Each band is releasing a single, which will come on a soon to be revealed novelty format, and feature their cover and an original b side. My b side is a new song called Blackest Mirror.

The singles will be available at the gig in Outhouse and also at record stores around Dublin during Record Store Gay/Day!